Glenview Hangar One Foundation was formed to insure that a permanent memorial was created to recognize the contributions of veterans of Naval Air Station Glenview who served, or supported its operations, here and its subordinate locations Wolverine and Sable. The Glenview Hangar One Foundation considers it our duty to discharge this mission because freedom for Americans is secured at a price – the time and lives of the men and women of the armed forces of the United States of America who fight, and sometimes die, so that Americans can live free and pursue their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Glenview Hangar One Foundation consists of military veterans and patriotic civilians, whose tireless efforts over eight years to further our mission are evidenced in Navy Park and Hangar One, the Glen and its Town Center, and the Naval Air Station Museum.

Caption: COL A. C. Realie, USMCR, Ret., Hangar One's immediate past President, and Frank R. Mack, Hangar One's past President, pose for picture during Hangar One's 2004 Annual Meeting.

The Officers and Board of Directors of the Glenview Hangar One Foundation for 2004 are:

Bill MarquardtDr. Larry E. Gluskin, Director- Buffalo Grove, IL
Ret. LCDR. Ed Taicsich, Director -Wheeling, IL
Andrew Jackson, Director - Glenview, IL
John Crawford, Director - Glenview, IL
Bobby Ferguson, Director- Immediate Past President Navy League of the United States Glenview Counsel - Barrington Hills, IL
Ret. Col. A.C. Realie, Chair Executive Advisory Board and President Emeritus - Glenview, IL
Beverly Dawson, Member and President Glenview Historical Society Contributing Member - Glenview, IL
Irving Dannell, Contributing Member - Glenview, IL
Erik Lundahl, Contributing Member - Glenview, IL
Robert Coffin, Contributing Member - Glenview, IL
Robbie Abed, Webmaster and Contributing Member - Dell Inc.


The Glenview Hangar One Foundation Board bids farewell to Ret. Col. A.C. Realie, the first Glenview Hangar One Foundation President to hold the Title President Emeritus and the next ex-President to be inducted into the newly formed President’s Circle Glenview Hangar One Foundation.

Hangar One is currently recruiting qualified members for its board of directors, and various committees, that have experience (or relevant contacts) in museum creation and management, NAS Glenview history, military history, NASA, aerospace and aerospace technology, and fundraising for not-for-profit foundations. Being a NAS Glenview or US military veteran, is not a prerequisite for the referenced positions. You also do not have to be a resident of Glenview to qualify.If you are an interested qualified candidate, please consider playing a significant role in Hangar One's 2004-2005 efforts. Or support us by becoming a member, or making a tax-deductible contribution.

Interested candidates and contributors should contact Frank R. Mack at 847-657-0000 or at fmack@c-m-d.com .

The Glenview Hangar One Foundation also has an Executive Advisory Board that from time to time advises the Officers and Directors, and provides the political support sometimes necessary for the Foundation to further its mission.