On Saturday, July 8, 2006, the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum held it's official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. The event which included remarks by Congressman Mark Kirk and Captain Charles "Chuck Downey was attended by more than 200 guests and visitors.

The museum is now open on Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from Noon to 5:00 pm. The museum is also available to groups and special events during the week by appointment. Please call 847-657-0000 for more information.

Significant artifacts on display at the grand opening were:

  • An Avenger aircraft engine recovered from Lake Michigan. This engine departed NAS Glenview over 60 years ago and spent most the intervening time on the bottom of the lake. It has now come back home and has been modified to show the inner workings of an aircraft that was instrumental in winning the war in the Pacific.
  • Models of aircraft that were stationed at NAS Glenview. Display of these models was made possible through the generous loan by members of the International Plastic Modelers’ Society – USA.
  • A display case devoted to George H. W. Bush, forty-first President of the United States, who was assigned to NAS Glenview in 1943 for his carrier qualifications. On display are a copy of his orders and a copy of his flight log book showing he made eight successful take-offs and landings aboard USS Sable.
  • A display dedicated to Butch O’Hare, WWII Medal of Honor Awardee, for whom O’Hare Airport is named. Butch O’Hare was stationed at NAS Glenview before the war.
  • Various flight suits and dress uniforms from the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Many maps and pictures depicting life at NAS Glenview, and its evolution from a sleepy civilian air field to a powerful influence in WWII and the Cold War.
  • The alter, a pew, and other artifacts saved from the station chapel, the Richard A. Schram Memorial Chapel.

Up until the museum closed on March 26, 2005, all of these artifacts were on display in the museum, except the Avenger engine, which was too large to fit in the museum doorway. When a permanent home for the museum is secured, we’ll be sure to have a doorway sufficient to allow this important artifact to have a permanent home back at NAS Glenview!

Well over 400 people visited temporary NAS Glenview Museum on opening day. Interest in a permanent NASG Museum remains very high as evidenced by the number of visitors to the temporary NASG Museum. As word got out around the country, people came from both coasts and everywhere in between to visit. Many were service men and women who served here and for whom the museum was dedicated. Others were widows, children, and grandchildren who came to pay tribute to a former NAS Glenview veteran, and to learn more of his contributions to our freedom.

A visit to the museum was only a part of a very inspiring experience. People still spend time in Navy Park, viewing their memorial brick, admiring the aviator statues, looking up at the preserved NAS Glenview tower, or just reflecting on the significance of what occurred here. It is a beautiful setting and a heart-warming experience.


The goal of realizing a Museum that commemorates Naval Air Station Glenview history has been one of the more important goals of the Hangar One since its inception. The securing of Naval Air Station Glenview Museum artifacts, and their preparation and display, will eventually transition to the permanent Naval Air Station Glenview Museum.

For 2004, a new membership category, Cornerstone, has been created. For a minimum $500 donation, Cornerstone contributors (with consent) are recognized in perpetuity as contributors to the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum as all proceeds from Cornerstone contributions are restricted to the budget for the execution of the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum. Cornerstone sponsors also receive a one-year membership to the Glenview Hangar One Foundation.

Charitable contributions include the donation of NASG memorabilia, or other military artifacts, from veterans or third parties to possibly be displayed in the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum.

As the Glenview Hangar One Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) entity under the US Tax Code, all charitable contributions, whether in the form of cash, cash equivalents, or assets, are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Hangar One is dedicated to locating its permanent Museum of NASG Naval History and Challenger Learning Center in Glenview, at The Glen Town Center near NASG Hangar One and Navy Park if possible. Hangar One has formed a Naval Air Station Glenview Museum Committee, and a Challenger Learning Center Committee, to prepare business plans for executing strategies consistent with the referenced goals.

Please contact Bill Marquardt at wam51@comcast.net, to discuss your interest in contributing to the Glenview Hangar One Foundation and the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum as a charitable contributor.